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Dear Comrades of SNPWA

Lot of queries and doubts are being raised whether post 2017 retirees, including VRS, are eligible for Pension Revision. Let us make it abundantly clear, and we have stated this fact umpteen times earlier, that there is absolutely no difference between post and pre 2017 retirees as far as application of Rule 37(A) of CCS Pension Rules 2021 is concerned.
The only issue that has to be sorted out w.r.t post 2017 retirees is as to how their Pension has to be fixed as on 1.1.2017 since BSNL has not implemented 3rd PRC..

To avoid anomaly between post and pre 2017 retirees, this Association made tireless efforts to address this issue when DOT was processing our Pension Revision in accordance to 3rd PRC about seven eight months before.
The only way out to avoid this anomaly is to fix Pension of post 2017 retirees notionally as on 1.1.2017 and extend fitment factor that would be extended to pre 2017 retirees.
Accordingly, the file with the approval of Secy/ DOT, was sent by by Establishment Section of DOT to DOP& PW seeking relaxation for notional fixation of Pension as on 1.1.2017. DOP& PW, while, in principle informally having agreed to notional fixation of Pension w.e.f 1.1.2017, had asked DOT to get the quantum of fixation first decided in consultation with DOE and thereafter send the file to DOP& PW for it’s approval.

Thus, Comrades, the question of whether post 2017 retirees are eligible for Pension Revision that would be given to pre 2017 retirees does not at all arise, under any circumstances.
The only issue that has to be decided is to allow notional fixation of Pension as on 1.1.2017 for post 2017 retirees which in principle has been informally agreed to by DOP& PW.

Thus the only issue that has to be sorted out is about notional fixation of Pension as on 2017 for post 2017 retirees. The question of whether post 2017 retirees are eligible for Pension Revision does not at all arise.
This Association, true to its commitment, fully assures post 2017 retirees that this Association will get fully involved with DOT to address this issue as and that situation arises i.e when DOT finally takes decision on the implementation of the recent Judgment of PB CAT ND. Thus post 2017 retirees are requested to kindly allay all the unwarranted and unfounded doubts and apprehensions that they have whether they will be eligible for Pension Revision or not and repose their full confidence in this Association to address this issue of notional fixation when we reach that situation.

( G.L.Jogi)


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