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First Circle Conference on March 25 2022


An emergent meeting of the CEC, SNPWA, Assam Circle was held at Guwahati on January 17, 2022, to discuss the 1st Circle Conference scheduled to be held on January 31. Because of the prevailing Covid-19 situation throughout the State, the CEC unanimously decided to postpone the Circle Conference to March 25, 2022. The revised notification will be issued in due course of time.

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The first Circle Conference of SNPWA Assam Circle will be held on 31-01-2022 coinciding with the 2nd anniversary of our Voluntary Retirement. Our beloved GS Com.G.L.Jogi will grace the ocaasiion. The venue is selected at GREEN WOOD RESORT, KHANAPARA, GUWAHATI. The CS and the President earnestly request all our members of SNPWA,Assam Circle to attend the Conference to make it a grand success & a memorable one. The detailed schedule of the meeting will be shared in due course of time.

Glimpses of the 4th AGM held at Guwahati on January 31, 2024

News & Events | 2024

February 14 | Status of Pension Revision: As communicated earlier by us, DoT is yet to sent it's proposals to DoE, after getting the opinion of DoP& PW regarding implementation of Judgment of Hon.PB CAT ND. It is understood that DoT is considering various other options, besides implementation of Judgment of Hon.PB CAT ND, for Pension Revision.In what manner the proposal is eventually finalized remains to be seen and this will be crystallized after getting opinion of DoE. We continue to monitor the progress of the issue very closely. After getting the opinion of DoE, DoT will share the same with the Pensioners Associations. In the meantime Joint Forum of BSNL/ MTNL Pensioners Associations is seeking meeting with Secy(Telecom.) on this issue. Basically resolution of the issue is taking time since DoT is of the opinion that PB CAT ND Judgment cannot be implemented in letter and spirit for our Pension Revision. It appears that DoT holds the opinion that fitment factor of 7th CPC cannot be extended on IDA scales. That is why it is mulling over other options for our Pension Revision.

SNPWA Assam consistently stands alongside grieving families when some of our beloved members depart for the heavenly abode too early, leaving a profound void. The loss is enduring, but the supportive presence and compassionate attitude of friends and colleagues can provide solace to the family. Recently, SNPWA Assam visited the homes of the late Mrinal Dutta (expired on 23/09/2023), North Lakhimpur and Dilip Kr. Nath (expired on 31/12/2023) of Nagaon, and presented cheques of Rs 65,000 and Rs 50,000, respectively, to their families. The legacy of Mrinal Dutta and Dilip Nath will forever be cherished within the SNPWA family.

2nd CEC Meet at Tezpur, December 14, 2023

We are at the crossroad post VRS. Decision to go for VRS is right; but attitude of the authority seems to be not.  To protect our interest and to remain connected, the need of a platform was felt. Our colleagues decided to be in the association led the most dynamic Sh. G. L. Jogi, GS, SNPWA.

Prevailing pandemic prevented in-house gathering. So, we held a virtual meeting on July 9, 2020 for detailed deliberations to form a Circle body of SNPWA after conducting a transparent online opinion poll for selecting the new office bearers. Responses were overwhelming. Our beloved GS graced the occasion with his virtual appearance and enthusiastic speech followed by a question-answer session. 

A new CEC comprising of 17 members was formed with Sh. Shantanu Choudhury as Prresident, Sh. Arijit Roy Pradhani as CS to lead the circle.

CS, Assam

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Video | Geetanjali Kakoti
Geetanjali Kakoti | Reputed singer | Several musical albums published | Ex-AGM, Kamrup
6 videos
Raina Roy, D/o: Prasanta Roy, Bongaigaon
Raina Roy | Student | Passionate about singing and art | Daughter of Prasanta Roy, Ex-PS, Bongaigaon
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Video | Ranjit Sarma
Ranjt Sarma |  Versatile singer, guitarist and performer | VRS retiree as SDO from Kamrup SSA
7 videos
Video | Satyen Kr. Sarma
Satyen Kumar Sarma | An actor par excellence, poet | VRS retiree as SDE from Kamrup SSA
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Goodbye friend ...

Unbelievable! Our beloved Subrata Dey, 52, ex-SDE, Bongaigaon district, is no more! Covid-19 snatched away this young life ruthlessly on May 02, 2021. He was a multi-faceted, dynamic, workaholic officer, having admirable knowledge on all verticals, who tirelessly worked for BSNL. His amiable nature, eagerness to help others, his proficiency over multiple languages will be remembered for ever by all of us. He was the Joint Secretary of SNPWA Assam from Bongaigaon district. His contributions for union activities through the aegis of SNEA will never be forgotten.

Words are never adequate in moments like these. We will say though, that our hearts go out to you, and will always remember the joyous memories that we are privileged to have in knowing your simplicity. May God's peace be with you. We endearingly cherish the memories you created with us.

Your dexterous wit will haunt us long, wounding our grief with yesterday, your laughter is a broken song; and death has found you, kind and gay. We may forget those transient things, that made your charm and our delight, but loyal love has deathless wings, that rise and triumph out of the night. So, in the days to come, your name shall be as music that ascends, when honour turns a heart from shame… O heart of hearts! O friend of friends - your memories will remain endearingly enticed in our hearts! "

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