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Sanchar Nigam Pensioners' Welfare Association

meeting with CGmt assam on Jan 12, 2021

Sri Shantanu Choudhury, President, Sri Arijit Roy Pradhani, CS, Sri A.R. Boro, ACS & Sri Gobinda Chandra Sarmah, Treasurer met CGM, Assam Circle Sri Ananda Kumar Pahi in his Chamber on a courtesy visit to welcome him with a Phoolam Gamocha. Although it was a courtesy visit, we took the opportunity to discuss a few burning issues pertaining to members our Association.

1. Operationalization of BSNL corporate office instructions regarding setting up of Digital Life Certificate generation center for retired officers at CSC in all SSAs We discussed in details about the difficulties are being faced by our members of different SSAs due to non-availability of dedicated center at CSC of the SSAs for submission of digital life certificate. We categorically informed him that the last date of submission of DLC is 28-02-2021. After patient hearing, CGM assured us that he will instruct all the SSA heads to implement the instructions of the Corporate Office in this regard immediately. In view of above, we request our SSA representatives to be in touch with the respective SSA heads (wherever available) or the concerned officer & intimate us regarding the progress. If required we will again take up the issue with the CGM if not implemented by SSAs.

2. Payment of pending medical Bills of Retired Officers We raised our concern about the abnormal delay in making payments of the medical bills of retired officers. CGM intimated us that based on the serial nature maintained in the ERP system bills are paid according to the funds received from corporate office. Our treasurer Sri Gobinda Chandra Sarmah pointed out that some discrepancies had been noticed while making payment of bills of retired employees up to 31-03-2019 as few medical bills of the year 2018 of VR officials remained unpaid. CGM assured us that he will inquire the issue & try to settle the same.

3. Vacant Staff Quarters at Guwahati City which are lying vacant for long time may be rented out to our Association for utilizing the same as office of our association We requested CGM to rent out the vacant staff quarters which are lying vacant for long time at Guwahati city to our association on payment of legitimate rent fixed for the same so that we can utilize the same as office of our association. We assured us that he will examine the issue regarding modalities of renting out of staff quarters to outsider & will intimate us accordingly. We will further follow up the issue till we get a response on the issue.

After the meeting with CGM, BSNL Assam Circle, we met account officer of CCA regarding issuance of duplicate PPO along with forwarding letter for the following comrades of Bongaigaon SSA. 1. Abdul Motleb, JTO 2. Debabrata Sardar, CAO 3. Amar Kumar Brahma, DE The concerned AAO had noted down the names of the above members in her dairy & told us that the PPO along with Forwarding letter will be issued shortly. We request our above members to wait till 1st week of February’2021 based on the assurance given by the concerned Account officer of CCA.

Holding of 1st Physical Meeting of the Association along with the celebration of completion of one year of retirement from service on 7th February’2021. It has been decided to hold the 1st physical meeting of the Association on 7th February 2021. All of you aware of the fact that due to pandemic we could not hold the physical meeting of our association since we formed our association through virtual voting. Now the pandemic situation has improved considerably & moreover, we are going to complete one year of our voluntary retirement on 31-01-2021, it has been decided to hold the 1st Physical meeting of the association which is to be accompanied with the celebration of completion of one year of our retirement on 7th February’2021. A lot of talented singers & other noted artists are available with us so we have planned to have a cultural programme on that day. It is presumed to be a whole day affair. The itinerary of the meeting as well as cultural programme will be notified in due course of time. The representative members of the association of respective SSAs & other interested members from the SSAs are also cordially requested to join us on 7th February’2021. Hope with the wholehearted participation of the esteemed members, we will be bale to make the get together a memorable one & will definitely help to foster the bonding amongst us.

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