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        Post your write-up, poem, random thoughts, reflection of mind’s vista !

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        Mantu Kr. Baishya

          Random Thoughts ..

          When I converse with myself, alone in serenity, so many thoughts fly by.. purpose of life, journey so far, pains, ecstasies, happiness, agony, tears, laughter – what not! At times, I wonder, how will people around, remember me when the end is a few breaths away! Is it the best presentation I prepared for a meeting? Or, is it the critical network error I fixed swiftly? Is it the party I threw to my friends, or is it the way I treated others? Childhood, study, race for education, livelihood, marriage, home, parenting, car, money – we run after furiously without thinking where are heading for!

          Then, comes a time when we arrive at a crossroad. Sense of togetherness, feeling of being loved, cared, respected and sought after brings infectious joy, overwhelming calmness! We realize, finer humane values – compassion, benevolence, empathy, kindness, love, gratitude and likes – that we imbibe and follow, make us fond of all surrounding us. Legacy issues, egoist hangovers from past deprive us of the happiness one can breathe into life. Let’s spread happiness together !!

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