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January 12, 2021 | SNPWA Circle Office Bearers meet new CGMT Assam

Circle officer bearers had a courtesy visit with new cgmt assam circle to welcome him, and discuss various issues of concern that require his immediate intervention

November 10 | Reimbursement of Medical bills of Retirees -Letter

GS writes to the CBM BSNL on immediate reimbursement of pending medical bills of BSNL retirees

September 15 | GS met DIR HR and Sr GM(Estt) to sort out the pending issues

Issues like - the final payment of ex-gratia, exercising of option for TDS deduction & other points of importance.

September 4 | Letter to CMD regarding OPTION for Income Tax

Request to immediately direct field units of BSNL to allow VRS optees to exercise option for new/old regime of IT deductionof tax at source, while making the final payment of ex-gratia

Details Here ..

GS have had a detailed discussion with CMD/BSNL

regarding deduction of TDS arbitrarily on ex-gratia according to the old tax regime. GS explained to him the entire background of the issue and also about legitimate right of VRS optees to exercise their option for deduction of TDS on ex-gratia which has been blatantly denied to them in defiance of the Finance bill 2020 which has been approved by the Parliament.

Also informed him that Sr GM( Taxation) is fully of the view that VRS optees need to be given an option to exercise their legitimate right regarding TDS deduction on ex gratia while making them final payment of exgratia. Also informed CMD about unjustified, unreasonable and stubborn attitude of the Director ( Finance) in not issuing fresh instructions to the field units regarding exercising of option for TDS deduction at the time of making the final payment of ex gratia.

CMD , after a very patient hearing of the entire issue, fully assured that he would get the entire issue reexamined and would decide keeping in view legitimate right of VRS optees regarding TDS deduction at the time of final payment of ex-gratia.

August 17 | GS WRITES TO CMD- Correction in the PPOs issued to VRS Optees in BSNL

Correction in the PPOs issued to VRS Optees in BSNL - reg

August 5 | Letter to DIR HR regarding officiating JTOs issue

Counting of officiating spell for Fixation of pay on regular promotion and revision of pay on implementation of 2nd PRC in the case of Officiating JTOs

August 5 | GS Meet Dir(HR) & Sr.GM (Estt) on urgent issues

GS spoke to Dir Hr about retention of quarters by retired officials on normal rent at places where there is no waiting list and explained in detail the whole situation to him, and on other issues

August 5 | GS WRITES TO DOT SECRETARY on Quarter retention

Retention of quarters by retired absorbed employees of BSNL/MTNL, keeping in view the existing deadly situation due to Covid pandemic.

July 27 | Letter on injustice to our colleague abhijit das

Gross and continuing grave injustice being meted out to Abhijit Das, Ex- SDE/Assam, staff no 107051, HR No 199104092, who opted for BSNL VRS 2019

July 27 | Letter on Tax Regime Addrsssed to CMD

Allowing VRS optees to exercise their legitimate right to opt for new or old tax deduction regime- TDS deductions made by the field units on old tax regime completely arbitrary

July 21 | SNPWA Assam Rocks! GS writes ..

SNPWA Assam Circle organised a spectacular video conference on 19th July, 2020 to form the Circle Body after conducting online opinion poll to select office bearers

July 16 | Letter to CMD regarding BSNL MRS

Much needed modifications of BSNL MRS outdoor treatment options and also streamlining of change-over from BSNL MRS to CGHS to facilitate smooth and quick changeover

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