Circle Body Assam

Divisional Body

Circle Executive Committee - New

1 Shantanu Choudhury President 9435000731
2 Rajesh Kumar Choudhury Vice-president 9435000399
3 Arijit Roy Pradhani Circle Secretary 9435000234
4 Gobinda Chandra Sarmah Treasurer 9435599111
5 Ananda Ram Baro Assistant Circle Secretary 9435599063
6 Ranjit Kumar Das Organizing Secretary 9435598862
7 Promod Kumar Pathak Assistant Circle Secretary 9435000339
8 Firoz Akhtar Khan Assistant Circle Secretary 9435000389
9 Geetanjali Kakati Joint Secretary 9435599299
10 Utpal Goswami Joint Secretary 9435598889
11 Jay Prakash Sharma Joint Secretary 9435598189
12 Prasanta Daimary Joint Secretary
13 Habibur Rahman Joint Secretary
14 Nirod Chandra Bhagabati Joint Secretary 9435000208

The First CEC

1 Shantanu Choudhury President 9435000731
2 Rajesh Kumar Choudhury Vice-president 9435000399
3 Arijit Roy Pradhani Circle Secretary 9435000234
4 Gobinda Chandra Sarmah Treasurer 9435599111
5 Ananda Ram Baro Assistant Circle Secretary-1 9435599063
6 Ranjit Kumar Das Assistant Circle Secretary-2 9435598862
7 Mridul Chandra Kalita Assistant Circle Secretary-3 9435144866
8 Pradip Kumar Das Assistant Circle secretary-4 9435598926
9 Mantu Kumar Baishya Assistant Circle Secretary- Web Management 9435000093
10 Subrata Kumar Dey Joint Secretary - Bongaigaon 9435598872
11 Utpal Goswami Joint Secretary - Bongaigaon 9435598889
12 Jay Prakash Sharma Joint Secretary- Dibrugarh 9435598189
13 Firoz Akhtar Khan Joint Secretary- Jorhat 9435000389
14 Rajib Kumar Barman Joint Secretary- Kamrup 9435000688
15 Upen Chandra Bora Joint Secretary- Nagaon 9435000298
16 Kaustav Chakraborty Joint Secretary- Silchar 9435000850
17 Manoj Kumar Karki Joint Secretary- Tezpur 9435000308

Minutes of the first virtual general body meeting

1st online virtual meeting in connection with formation of Sanchar Nigam Pensioners' Association of Assam Circle was held on 19-07-2020. Members across the State of Assam participated in the meeting virtually through Zoom App. At the outset, Arijit Roy Pradhani apprised the virtual house regarding formation of Sanchar Nigam Pensioners’ Association of Assam Circle consequent to the persistent pressure from members across the state of Assam. He also apprised the house that in-spite of whole hearted effort for holding a physical meeting the same could not be materialized due to restrictions imposed on account of present pandemic situation. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to Sri Mantu Baishya for taking all the pains to make a very user friendly & transparent software programme for Online Opinion Poll Process for selecting office bearers of SNPWA of Assam Circle.Afterwards he handed over the proceedings to Sri Bijoy Singha, appointed Chairman of Representative Council to declare the result of Opinion Poll intended for election of various office bearers for formation of SNPWA of Assam Circle.

  Chairman of the representative council

Accordingly Sri Bijoy Singha took over the proceedings from Sri Arijit Roy Pradhani and apprised the house regarding the selection procedures which inter-alia amongst other that if a member does not participate in the Online Opinion Poll he or she can not be elected even though he or she may secure 1st position by virtue of votes casted by other members. Accordingly, in Jorhat SSA the member who got highest votes amongst all other members could not be declared elected as the said member did not participate in the online poll process. Chairman also declared election of 2(two) Joint Secretaries instead of 1(one) for Bongaigaon SSA as two members secured equal number of votes. Chairman also in exercise of power vested on him nominated Sri Mantu Baishya as Assistant Circle Secretary(Web Management) in the greater interest of the association.After that he declared the names of all elected office bearers based on the highest votes secured by each elected member during the online poll process as well observations as mentioned above. The list of elected office bearers was declared by the Chairman.

After the declaration of result of online Poll, Chairman administered the oath of secrecy & allegiance to all the elected office bearers. On completion of oath taking ceremony Chairman elect Representative Council Sri Bijoy Singha handed over the proceedings to the newly elected President Sri Shantanu Choudhury to carry forward the remaining part of the meeting. After taking over the charge from Chairman newly elect President Sri Shantanu Choudhury gave his maiden speech where he extended his heartfelt thanks & gratitude to all the members for electing him as President of SNPWA of Assam Circle and assured to bestow his best efforts to make this association a vibrant & effective one. He also shared his views regarding harnessing of hidden talent amongst us in respect of other extra-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, acting, writing, poetry, art etc. and e can involve all of them to extend the horizon of activities in this platform also in a very effective way in the coming days. He concluded his speech with the hope of getting all out support & cooperation from all the members to run this association in a effective manner. On completion of speech of President, the newly elect Circle Secretary Sri Arijit Roy Pradhani delivered his speech by expressing his heartfelt thanks & gratitude to all the members for selecting him as Circle Secretary. He congratulated all other elected office bearers of SNPWA, Assam Circle. He conveyed his special thanks to Sri Mantu Baishya for conducting this virtual meeting as well as the Online Opinion Poll Process in a professional manner. He also expressed his desire to hold a physical meeting of the association in the month of October,2020 if the prevailing pandemic situation improves. He also shared the view of President to share this platform for other extra-curricular activities as there are got lot of talents amongst ourselves in the field of music, drama, dance, art etc. He also sought cooperation from all the members to run this association smoothly & effectively. After the speech of Circle Secretary, President Sri Shantanu Choudhury deliberated upon the various suggestions put forward by the members during the online opinion poll process.

A resolution regarding opening of Bank Account in the name of SNPWA was taken in the meeting. It was decided that the Bank account will be opened in any nationalized bank preferable with the State Bank Of India. The account will be operated jointly by the Secretary & Treasurer of the Association.

Speech by respected GS

On completion of above activities our beloved General Secretary Com.Shri G.L. Jogi joined us in the meeting. On behalf of the SNPWA, Assam Circle President & Circle Secretary greeted the General Secretary with a warm welcome. General Secretary reciprocated with the same vigor. After that President introduces all the elected members of SNPWA, Assam Circle to the General Secretary, Com G.L.Jogi. Thereafter President requested the General Secretary Com. G.L.Jogi to deliver his speech. At the very outset Com. G.L. Jogi congratulated all the elected members of SNPWA, Assam Circle. & expressed his happiness over election of comparatively young & energetic members of pensioners’ association. He started the speech with a clarion call to fight the battle in the street only. He emphasizes that mere writing letters from the comfort zone is no way going to resolve any issue. Battle should be fought in the battlefield only. He narrated the history of granting of pay scale of JTO from 425 -15-560-20-600(3rd CPC) to 16400-450-20000(5th CPC) through a fast track committee with the approval of cabinet committee including declaration of JTO as a gazetted cadre. All these goals have been achieved only through a sustained struggle after throwing services in total disarray. This is possible as battle was fought in the street. Only after sustained struggle we are able to get the TBP approved as a result all have been getting the pay scale of respective higher cadre irrespective of getting physical promotion or not. He also informed the house that due to the pandemic situation all the activities are now limited to writing letters & attending meeting virtually which he thought does not yield any fruitful result. He would have loved to fight the issues related to pensioners welfare in the real battle field. He also informed that due to this pandemic the registration of association could not be done although the relevant documents have been submitted to the competent authority. He also apprised the house that a joint petition along with the sister organization AIBNLRWA will be submitted within 15 days regarding pay revision of pensioners.

Afterwards General Secretary interacted with the members regarding various issues. A brief description of the interaction is given below:

Q1. What are steps taken by the Association in respect of Tax deducted from the Ex-gratia amount (Raised by Com Mridul Chandra Kalita)
Rep1: GS intimated that a well-known renowned chattered accountant has been engaged for the same and the association is working proactively on the and moreover the issue is required to be sent to CBDT for the approval. He intimated the house that a long-drawn battle is awaited for this issue.

Q2. Regarding retention of quarters after retirement as assured my MOC (raised by Subrata Kumar Dey & Biswajit Dutta):
Rep2: GS intimated that the issue is within the competency of CMD BSNL ministry is nothing to do with the issue. The Association has already written a very strong letter to CMD BSNL 4 to 5 days back and now the Association will be writing another letter to Secretary DOT regarding the retention of quarter by the VRS Optees & he also informed the house that some ITS officers are allowed to stay in the BSNL quarters beyond 2 years then why not the other BSNL employees are allowed and this issue will also be flagged to DOT & Ministry.

Q3.Regarding discrepancies in ePPO Part-II under the head “Rules under which sanctioned” where it is written as BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2019 instead of Rule 37A(raised by Gobinda Chandra Sarmah)
Rep3: G.S intimated that he had a long discussion with Com Sebastian of SNEA on this issue & Com Sebastian assured that he had detailed discussion with the concerned authorities on this issue & Rule 37A is well defined & covered under BSNL VRS’2019.There is no need to raise the issue separately. So the Association did not take up the issue separately however he assured the house that the Association is ready to take up the issue separately if members demand.

Q4: Regarding inordinate delay in making payment of medical bills by BSNL (raised by Babul Hussain):
Rep4: GS informed that he had already written to CMD BSNL to take a pragmatic view while releasing payment by allotting proportionate fund for working as well as retired employees. It is very unfortunate that whenever funds are available it has been earmarked for working employees only which is highly condemnable. He informed that Association going to write a very strong letter on this issue.

Q5: Regarding non-settlement of Leave encashment by BSNL where Vigilance Case is pending (raised by Abhijit Das)
The issue of non-settlement of leave encashment by BSNL was highlighted by Abhijit Das as a vigilance case is pending against him. He apprised the GS that it is total breach of contract in utter violation of Rule 7.2 of VRS terms & condition. Rep5:GS informed that he is aware of the issue & requested to send all the presentation to his mail Id so that he can further process the case.

Q6: Regarding migration to CGHS & reimbursement of deposited amount to the retired employee by BSNL(raised by Ananda Ram Boro):
Sri A.R Boro apprised GS that he had already migrated to CGHS and applied for reimbursement of subscription paid to CGHS but BSNL authority replied that it will take time to get back the reimbursement. He requested GS to take up the issue on priority. Rep6. GS told that the Association has already taken up the issue with CMD BSNL the subscription of CGHS may be directly paid by the BSNL to CGHS authority so the process become hassle free. The Association is pursuing the case on top priority.

Q7: Regarding doubts in minds of relatively young members who taken VR under VRS’2019(raised my Pramod Pathak): Sri P ramod Pathak raised the issue of doubts in the minds of young members who had opted for VRS’2019 & requested GS what message he would like to give to these young members who still feel that they might have done mistakes by opting for VRS’2019.
Rep7: GS in his reply told that as a Trade union leader he never Support any VR Scheme but as an individual & friend he categorically told the revival of BSNL is s distant dream. Till date no 4G Spectrum is allocated & tender for 4G equipment has also been cancelled on pretext of inclusion of Indian companies instead of Chinese Companies for of supplying of 4G equipment. The monetization of Assets will take years & years to get it implemented. In the coming days it will be very hard for BSNL to survive in this competitive scenario. His message on the issue was very crystal clear that opting for VRS’2019 was a right step & there is no reason for repenting.

Q8: Shantanu Choudhury, President, SNPWA Assam Circle requested to GS to take up the issues of members of Assam Circle on priority expecting wholehearted cooperation from CHQ. He also raised the issue of CGHS & requested GS to take the issue of reimbursement on the priority basis as lot of retied employees apart from VRS Optees are also willing to migrate to CGHS if the process of reimbursement is made hassle free.
Rep8: The GS replied that the issues which require attention of CHQ may be sent to his mail & he assured us that he will take up the issues of our circle on priority basis. He also intimated the house that he has already taken up the CGHS issue on two fronts. First, the Payment of subscription should be done by BSNL directly to CGHS authority the streamline the entire process so that more & more members may be encouraged to migrate to CGHS & also to expand the area of operation of CGHS as presently only 70 cities are covered under CGHS & secondly he has raised the issue of increasing ceiling of medical bill reimbursement so that those who willing to avail the BSNLMRS may continue to do so. The present ceiling is too meagre to encourage employees to stay back with BSNLMRS. It was indeed an absorbing session & all those who were present in the meeting has thoroughly enjoyed the interaction session with our beloved GS Com G.L. Jogi.

Lastly President Sri Shantanu Choudhury extended heartfelt thanks & gratitude to our beloved GS. Com G.L Jogi for attending the 1st meeting of SNPWA, Assam Circle for enlightening the members on the various burning issues pertaining to pensioners other prevailing issues of BSNL. The vote of thanks was extended by Sri Pramod Pathak for attending this meeting by the member from all across the State of Assam. Finally, the President declared the meeting is over. Long Live SNPWA.

(Arijit Roy Pradhani)
Circle Secretary, SNPWA
Assam Circle, Guwahatiwas